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Where It All Began...

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

"Just when I thought I was out... they pulled me back in." This is how I actually feel about the hospitality industry and I'm not even mad about it.

After spending a significant part of my teenage years in restaurants, I sought out a degree in business hoping to grow from the hospitality industry and into marketing and business psychology. Well, as the story goes, the dream of what is to come after university gets hit with reality. As I chose to not work in the big city, there were certainly limited options available in the marketing and business psychology fields and there I was waiting tables again. Knowing there was something more out there for me, I continued my education with a Human Resource certificate and began working different jobs that would feed my need for learning while also feeling as though I could share in my years of hospitality and service.

A few jobs of catering, restaurant managing and retail found me at the helm of an incredible opportunity working with The Golf Club at Lora Bay. Here is where I found my LOVE for weddings and all things events! Planning my own wedding got me thinking... there's more couples out there looking for a wedding venues and wedding professionals in Collingwood and The Blue Mountains, how are they finding the perfect 'everything' for their celebrations? Small Business #1 was born - The Georgian Bay Wedding Guide (formerly It'z Your Day). The next growth move with Oliver & Bonacini Blue Mountain led me to an exciting experience building and managing the catering department and hosting gorgeous weddings. Once our growing family established a great routine with 2 kids, full time jobs, life in general, it just came about naturally to begin my own Independent Planning Company. I took a chance and advertised in my own wedding guide, taking a leap of faith to where this may all take me.

Here, I'd like to share my very first wedding planned as Amanda Jerome Events back in 2014!

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