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Wedding Planning COVID-19 Style

We began 2020 with such high hopes with not an inkling of what was to come. 2020 sent us spinning, causing tremendous life changes, and made us all consider “What do we do now?” We went still, we cried, we grieved our "What would have been(s),” we pulled our pieces back together stronger than ever and forged on. Some of you even got engaged!

In retrospect, 2020 did not really take much from us. In fact, it gave us a chance to live a little different and to celebrate love anyway. The moment you realize there are no rules when it comes to your wedding, you open yourself to creating epic moments that take your wedding dreams to the next level.

Here we are, 2021; we're ready to make some serious celebration plans and we're at your mercy once again COVID-19. To all you amazing couples, those who are 2020 wedding postponements and those who are newly engaged planning a wedding for 2021 and beyond, working your way through this COVID-19 muck can be frustrating, but clarity will soon come. Wedding planning can be a whole lot of daunting when it first hits you. How on earth are you going to get everything done in time? What needs to be done first? At a standstill? What can you do in the meantime that won't mean having to replan it all? Focusing on these tasks right now will help the time fly until our 'next steps' are revealed.

  1. Start that Pinterest Board! There's nothing like getting inspired and setting your focus to how you envision your wedding day theme and design coming together. Vision boards and dream manifestation are real. Don't give up hope! Keeping dreaming and dream as big as you want.

  2. Get on that Vendor Research! Chances are, your potential vendors are just about as excited for your wedding day as you are. Get those inquiries out there and start curating your perfect wedding vendor team. Although you may be hesitant to lock anything in right now, best to ask your vendors what their postponement policy is and hold out making anything firm until your plans are or you're satisfied with the vendor's postponement policy.

  3. Create your wedding website! This is such a fun and simple DIY project. There are many platforms from which you can create your site using templates, or start fresh with a free site from WIX. Your wedding website becomes the central zone of communications for your wedding weekend festivities. Add in information about recommended places to stay and a list of your favorite things to do in the area!

  4. Go Dress Shopping! What are you talking about Amanda, all the shops are closed. Haha, this may be true, but many gown shops have online stores showing off their sale gowns. You can even do a virtual dress consultation with Tara of Exchanging Vows Bridal Boutique in Collingwood and get set up for an "At-Home Try-On" appointment. That's right, try on wedding dresses in the comfort of your own home. Cheers to That! Contact Tara at

  5. Get crafty! From table numbers and place card holders to guest books and guest favors, there are unlimited DIY wedding craft inspirations out there. You don't need your final guest count to start creating. Often couples leave this piece to the 'month of'... gathering your personalized elements is a great way to keep busy and get ahead!

  6. Well, it's Wedding Show season and although we won't be going anywhere anytime soon, Georgian Bay Wedding at The Wedding Society have a Virtual Planning Kit that can be mailed right to your door (or picked up at Collingwood Flowers when stores are permitted to open). All the goodies you'd find at a Wedding Show, you'll find in this Kit. Sign up for the Georgian Bay Wedding newsletter for more details!

It may seem as though time is backing up on you for your June/ July wedding plans. Any checklist out there is for a guiding purpose only. Especially when you've paired yourself with an expert wedding planner, together we can bring your wedding dreams to life in a matter of days... not months. We're here for you every step of the way to get you down that aisle!

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